(Deposit) Whole Beef

(Deposit) Whole Beef

1 Beef Share

If you are looking for New York Strip Steaks at Ground beef prices this deal is for you! Our Whole Beef will be ready for pick up Fall of 2022. All our beef is 100% Grass Fed and Grass Finished!

How It Works - 

We raise you an amazing cow all summer long, letting them enjoy fresh grass every day and raised right here in Three Rivers, MI. In the fall we will bring your cow to the processor (Byron Center Meats) and you will call them for your custom cut order. You will pick up your beef at Byron Center Meats a few days after they are cut. 

Price - 

We charge $3.95 per hanging pound which will be around 775-850 pounds depending on the breed and you pay processing separately which is around $0.65 per hanging pound depending on your cuts and packaging. Below is an example of an average Whole Beef price. You will end up with around 450-525 pounds of processed/packaged meat. This $200 Deposit will be deducted from your total at the time of pick up. 

Example - 

$3.95 x 800 = $3,160

$0.65 x 800 = $520

$3,160 + $520 = $3,680

$3,680 / 490  = $7.51 per pound of meat!

All our Whole Beef shares come with a FREE Anova Sous Vide, and a Cast Iron Skillet so you can perfectly cook our steaks at home!



*Pick-up Dates are subject to change and will be determined based on when your beef is ready. We have 3 different processing dates in November so the pick-up date will depend on which date your beef is processed.



Grass, Water, Sunshine, and Fresh Air!