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About Joe's Farm

Pasture-raised foods you can eat with confidence

About Joe and the History of Joe's Farm

Joe's Farm is a first generation small family farm that produces high quality food in a way that is good for our customers, the animal, and the environment through regenerative methods and pastured poultry. Joe's Farm was founded in 2011 by Joe Koopsen at the age of 15. Joe started raising chickens in 2008 at the age of 12 with a few hens in his backyard, selling eggs through Facebook. Joe quickly realized he wanted to provide fresh eggs to more people.

Having not been brought up in a farming family, Joe gained a passion for poultry by joining 4-H and showing chickens when he was 12. His flock eventually outgrew the backyard. In 2011, Joe's parents bought a few acres in the country to allow Joe to expand. Joe grew his flock to support a growing demand and Joe's Farm was founded.

When Joe decided that farming was what he wanted to do for a living, he knew that pastured poultry and regenerative farming were the methods that matched his vision for the farm. In 2015, Joe's family bought the farm on Pulver Road in Three Rivers, MI, where Joe implemented his vision and began growing the farm. Joe, his wife Adele Koopsen, and their son Rowan farm full time.

The Background of Joe's Farm

Joe's Farm uses only regenerative, sustainable farming methods. This includes moving animals daily and rotating pastures. This is beneficial for the soils, environment, and our animals. Movement is fundamental to Joe's Farm. We use natural methods to care for our animals. We believe that a more natural lifestyle for our animals is key to their health and happiness. Our animals do not receive antibiotics or hormones. Through these regenerative methods Joe's Farm produces high quality, delicious meats that are better for you!

Our chickens enjoy happy, healthy, and stress-free lives! Joe's Farm receive chicks 12 hours after they are hatched. They start their lives on Joe' Farm in a safe, warm brooder barn. They leave the brooder once they reach 3 weeks old and are moved to the pasture. Once on the pasture they live outside where they are free to eat grass, bugs, and worms. Our chickens are fed feed that is Non-GMO, antibotic free, and hormone free. They are moved to new, fresh pasture daily.

In 2022, Joe's Farm produced 25,000 chickens, 3,000 turkeys, and 32 cows on pasture.

For 2023, Joe's Farm plans to produce 30,000 chickens, 3,500 turkeys, and 100 cows on our pastures.

There may be more to come in 2023!

We hope you join us in this regenerative farming experience!