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For Farmers

If you are a farmer looking for information on how we farm, you are at the right place!

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Thank you for your interest in learning more about Joe's Farm. Joe has a passion for regenerative farming and loves sharing with other farmers interested in how we operate at Joe's Farm.

Over the years, Joe has enjoyed learning from others in the field as well as sharing what he has learned with fellow pastured poultry farmers. As Joe's Farm has grown, Joe's time has become more limited. He wishes he could connect with everyone who contacts him but, due to time limitations, he hopes this email provides helpful information for your business. He has compiled the resources below and included some of the most common questions he is asked. There are also lots of useful links. We hope this helps and answers your questions!

Another free resource that is available through APPPA is "Ask APPPA”. This is a once-a-month opportunity to call and ask your pastured poultry questions. Joe volunteers his time through this program along with many pastured poultry experts. (

If you have more specific questions or want greater detailed information, Joe offers personal advice sessions. Below you will find all the details on those. If you need help choosing which option might best fit your individual needs, please email our team at

We hope the resources below are helpful and are so excited for your journey into regenerative farming.



This a great option if you would like to text in questions, and it's less expensive. Click the link below to go to the Minnect app. After you make an account, search "Joe Koopsen," and you should find Joe listed. He charges $15 per texted question on Minnect. Please be detailed in your question (you have up to 1000 characters) so that Joe can respond as thoroughly as possible.


Please email to schedule an appointment. Joe's schedule tends to be more limited in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. There will be a list of questions provided to you before your appointment to help you best prepare and get the most value for your time. We also recommend looking through all the resources below to see if your questions can be answered there first!


We don't offer many visits due to the busy nature of our season. If you are looking to schedule a visit, please email us and we can talk about some options. If you want the "open to the public" option, feel free to come visit during one of our scheduled farm tours. This won't be a detailed production side tour, but it is a way to see the farm and the equipment we use. These tours are not always with Joe, so be aware this is more for educational purposes. Please email to schedule an appointment.


Commonly Asked Questions

Q. Where did you get your coops?

A. We use Hen Gear coops. Joe has started to compile all the equipment he uses on the farm at You will find links to all the coops we use (in addition to other equipment). There is also a code for a discount off your order.

Q. How do I purchase wholesale from Joe's Farm?

A. We work with all size farms and would love to connect with you and see how we can help meet your needs. We are excited to offer our pallet program and are taking orders for our 2024 Season. If you would like to learn more, please email and we will send you a packet with details.

Q. How do you sell direct to consumer?

A. We have both an onsite Farm Store and regional shipping program. Our Farm Store is self-serve. This has worked great for us as it allows us a wider option of hours without needing a full-time staff member. Last spring, we started using Kiosk Buddy on a wall mounted kiosk (iPad). This connects to our Square account and allows us to accept credit and debit cards. It has worked well for us and our customers appreciate the option to use a card. We also have a cash box on the wall for cash and check and a scan code for our Venmo.

Q. Where do you get your chicks?

A. We work with a larger hatchery called Keith Smith Hatchery. Joe helps line up other farms to get chicks from Keith Smith Hatchery. If you are interested in chicks from Keith Smith Hatchery, please reach out to us at with your address, dates you would like chicks, and the amount of chicks you would like. After we have that information Joe can see if your location is near a current route for the chicks delivery truck.

Q. Where do you get your feed?

A. We use several different feed mills. For our corn and soy free feed we use New Country Organics. For our nonGMO feed we use a local mill called Community Mills, Kalmbach Feed, and Kraut Creek Feeds.

Q. Do you use a USDA processor?

A. Yes! We do not have our own processing facility currently and utilize several area USDA processing facilities. This allows us to be able to wholesale nationwide.

Q. Do you raise broilers for other farms?

A. Yes, we do! We offer wholesale options for all sizes of farms. We have some large farms we produce for and are launching a new pallet program for the 2024 Season. This will allow us to have smaller minimums (500 birds) for farms looking to outsource some (or all) of their broilers. We have attached a flyer for our pallet program if you are interested!


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Joe has started to compile all the equipment he uses on the farm at


Day Old Chicks

Joe's Farm works with Keith Smith Hatchery to help other farms source day old chicks. These chicks are Cobb 500 and will be delivered to your farm or to a drop point near your farm by a truck that comes right from the hatchery. This is extremely important because chicks can be to your farm within 18 hours of hatch and do not go through the USPS where they can incur serious shipping stress. Please contact us at to get a quote and to see if the hatchery truck comes near your farm. When you email us please include your Farm Name, Delivery Address, Dates you may want chicks, and the quantity you are looking for. 


Other Websites

We hope these resources can help you, and we look forward to answering any further questions you may have.

Thank you,

The Joe's Farm Team