Shipping is on hold until Fall 2023. Order ahead and pick up at the farm is still available, as well as our farm store!
(Preorder) Whole Beef Deposit

(Preorder) Whole Beef Deposit

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Get your steaks and roasts at ground beef prices!

After months of searching, we are SO excited to announce we have sourced cattle for our bulk beef program. We drove to Iowa to get these wonderful grass-fed cattle to finish on pasture right here on Joe’s Farm.

How It Works

We raise you an amazing steer all summer long, letting them enjoy fresh grass every day right here in Three Rivers, MI. Our cattle are grass-fed, grass-finished.  We use rotational grazing and move our cattle to fresh pasture frequently. This is to ensure our cattle are getting nutrient-dense forage while also increasing the health of our pastures. We also provide our cattle with a free-choice mineral box. This allows them to consume minerals that they need that they are not able to get from the natural forage.

In the fall, we will bring your cow to the processor (Byron Center Meats), and you will call them for your custom cut order. You will pick them up at Byron Center Meats a few days after they are cut. We are raising Black Angus (a larger breed) for our beef share program this year. Unfortunately, they did receive one round of antibiotics from the previous farmer. While we don’t use antibiotics or vaccines in our cattle, we still are very happy with the previous farmer’s care of these cattle. We did visit the farm and spoke to her about her practices. We are sharing this because transparency is so important to us at Joe’s Farm. We strive for excellence and practices that are the best for the animals in our care and the customers we serve.


We charge by hanging pound. The price is based on whole, half, or quarter options. A whole beef will finish at about 500-600 pounds hanging weight and 340-425 pounds of packaged meat. You pay processing separately, which is around $0.65 per hanging pound, depending on your cuts and packaging (such as having some made into burger patties). Your deposit will be deducted from your total at the time of pick up.

Whole: $5.95 per pound hanging weight. After processing, it should come out to about $9.50- $9.70 per packaged pound. (deposit: $500)

Bulk Beef details 

  • We are offering whole, half, and quarter beef options.
  • The price per pound is based on the option you choose. Buying our whole beef is the most economical option! Some customers choose to maximize their savings and go in with family or friends and split their beef.
  • Beef should be available around the middle to the end of November.
  • We will send out emails throughout the season, keeping you updated about the process.
  • There are a limited number of cattle available. Deposits must be received to secure your beef. These can be made in person (check or cash) at our Farm Store or online ( You can also send it through Venmo ( You may also send a check to 53323 Pulver Road, Three Rivers, MI 49093.
  • Freezer space: this is probably a question on everyone’s mind. We would love to help you figure out what space you will need for the size you select. Please send us an email if you have questions. We would be happy to send information from our own freezer setup to help guide you through what space you will need.
  • Once the cattle go to processing, you receive a call from Byron Center Meats. They are wonderful and will walk you through your cutting instructions.
  • When your beef is ready, you will pick it up at Byron Center Meats in Byron Center, MI.
  • Please bring checks to pay Byron Center Meats for processing and for our farm.
  • We are having Byron Center Meats collect the cash/checks for the beef as well as the processing.
  • For those of you who ordered wholes and halves, your bonus gift will be shipped to you separately. We will reach out before shipment to confirm your address.
  • Please email with any questions, or text 269-312-4538.

Thank you again for trusting us to raise the food that you nourish you and your family with! We truly appreciate your support! Thank you - Joe Koopsen

We believe it is very important for the farmer and consumer to work together!


For a Whole Beef, you will need roughly 12-16 cubic feet of freezer space!

*Pick-up Dates are subject to change and will be determined based on when your beef is ready. We have 5 different processing dates in October and November, so the pick-up date will depend on which date your beef is processed.



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