Regional SHIPPING now OPEN! We ship the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month. Limited inventory until late Spring / early Summer 2024.

Now Serving 100 MILLION More People!

Now Delivering to 100 MILLION more people!We are now offering 2 day delivery and can reach another 100,000,000 people!We are very excited to be able to reach many more individuals and families who desire to nutritionally dense food that is better for them, the animals, and the environment! We look forward to serving you all!🐥Chicks are HERE!🐥Every here at the farm are very excited for the arrival of 6,400 baby chicks! In 3-4 weeks these little fuzz-balls will be out on pasture eating grass and bugs! We have a had a restful winter but we are ready for the hard work this season will bring.Get your order in by midnight!Be sure to have your orders in by midnight tonight to have your order delivered this week!