Thank you! 2022 Recap

December 31, 2022

Thank you for your support this year!

We want to thank all our customers for your support! This year was a fantastic year and its all because of YOU! Check out how you helped regenerate soil, produce nutrient dense food, and give so many animals lives worth living!


This year, because of your support, we were able to continue to regenerate over 70+ acres of soil. This acreage used to be conventionally farmed and had no life left in the soil. Now each year, as we continue to rotate our animals, we are building the soils and bringing life back to them! By using animal rotation, we allow their manure to be a benefit to the soil. We also allow the soils to rest before grazing them again. This technique benefits both the animals and the health of the land.

Nutritious Food

It is such a great pleasure to be able to serve you, our amazing and loyal customers! We take great care in providing our customers nutritious and healthy products. By healing the soils and feeding our animals the appropriate diets, we can increase the micronutrient count in our foods. This, in turn, helps all who partake in eating our food to stay healthy and strong!

In 2022 we produced:

  • 87,000+ pounds of Chicken 🍗
  • 34,000+ dozen Eggs 🍳
  • 34,000+ pounds of Turkey 🦃
  • 11,229 pounds of Beef 🥩

Animal Welfare

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to raise animals the way they should be raised! We believe animals were created to express their natural behaviors and we are incredibly thankful that we can farm this way! During the spring, summer, and fall, all our animals are moved to fresh pasture every single day!

In 2022 we raised

  • 25,000+ Chickens 🐓
  • 2,300+ Turkeys 🦃
  • 32 Cows 🐄

Here’s to another great year!

Here’s to another great year!

Thank you for supporting our farm, for healing soils, for giving animals a good life, and for feeding you and your family healthy food! We look forward to what the next year will bring and we hope we can continue to serve you!

Joe Koopsen

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