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Strengthening the Path to Sustainability

written by

Joe Koopsen

posted on

February 15, 2023

Embracing the simplicity and integrity of regenerative farming

Pinpointing the problem

When you think about farming, you might imagine rolling hills or acres of corn as high as your knees. You might see cows on pasture and chickens gathered around their coop. A horse might be seen leaving the warmth of a beautiful red barn. This is the imagine you SHOULD see. Sadly, most farms in America look nothing like this anymore. Locked in cages or stalls, many animals will never graze the open pasture or feel the sun on their faces. Chickens labeled as “cage free” may still live in huge factory style barns, forced to live out their days in their own waste. This needs to change. If you have been watching the news, you have probably heard stories about Avian Influenza. It is no secret that AI (Avian Influenza) has hit the US very hard. It has claimed the lives of 58+ million chickens just this year! This has obviously affected the national and global egg supply. With our math, we have found that roughly 12-18% of eggs have been taken off the market. This may not seem like a lot but it is enough to empty store shelves. From inflation adding costs to production to barns full of birds burning to the ground, the egg and chicken prices have soared. It can be overwhelming trying to keep up with all the hurdles between our food source and our families.

Navigating towards a solution

From a few chickens in my backyard to a fully operational regenerative farm, I have always wanted to use the most ethical farming practices. This meant learning from other farmers and researching all the “how-tos”. It also meant a lot of trail and error. But throughout the process of learning, one thing always seemed to resonate, simplicity. Don’t get me wrong, by simplicity I don’t mean the life of a farmer is easy. It means long hours, hardwork and muddy boots. But what I do mean is that we often complicate things.

Raising with integrity

We work hard to raise our animals in the most natural way possible. We want to limit human intervention so we don’t use hormones or antibiotics. Our beef are grass-fed and grass-finished. Our chickens are moved daily to new, fresh pasture. These practices can help us mitigate the risks of Avian Influenza. Healthy practices equal happy and healthy animals. This is better for not only the animals within our care, but the customers who consume our products.

From pasture to porch…

bringing simplicity to your shopping experience

Shop local

Find a farmer you can trust. See how their animals are cared for. Transparency is the first step in establishing the relationship between your food source and your table. We always welcome visitors, so if you are in the area feel free to stop by. We, along with many other farmers, are working hard to keep up the demand especially for eggs right now. Always feel free to contact and ask about our inventory. We never want a customer to leave disappointed. We also will post to our social media if we are running low. Make sure to like and follow us for those updates.

Stock your freezer

A great way to combat the insecurities in our food supply is to stock your freezer. We are always here to answer any questions you might have on what is best to order for your family’s needs. Stop on by at the Farm Store or send us an email. Soon, we will be opening up for pre-orders on our 2023 whole, half and quarter beef boxes. We have created a google form to gauge interest so we can anticipate how to best serve our customers. If you are interested in learning more, follow the click box below to get on our interest list.

Final thoughts

With all the negativity surrounding food these days, we want to bring enjoyment back to the shopping experience. Putting nutritious and delicious food on your table shouldn’t be complicated. You can shop with confidence knowing we take pride in the care and welfare of our livestock. We want to thank our amazing customers. If it wasn’t for your support, our family farm would not be able to exist. You play a vital role in the sustainability of regenerative farming.





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Anticipating the New Season

It is MARCH and we are feeling like Spring here at Joe's Farm. There is nothing quite like the anticipation of a new season. The weather is starting to warm (a few days more than normal) and we are getting ready to welcome our new baby chicks very soon. We are starting to see the end of the lists we made in the Fall. Hours spent on calendars and schedules. Days spent thinking through plans that will all soon become a reality. There is excitement in the air on the Farm! Over the past week, one very large development has been under construction. Last year, our farm expanded to include a new pasture. It is located right next to one of our farm properties. With this additional land, we are able to expand our production capabilities. This year, we plan to produce over TWICE as many broilers as we produced in 2023! This means, more infrastructure as well. Below, you will see photos from last week where we had NINE new coops assembled! Although, this is all very exciting for those here on Joe's Farm, this is really even more exciting to us because this means the demand for pasture-raised chicken is GROWING! So many farmers we talk to have said they can't keep up with the demand. This is AMAZING! People are asking questions and doing research. They are shopping local and buying from farms they trust! We are just one of many farms working to bring ethically raised meats to market. We are grateful you are here. Every week, we are getting more and more questions through our social media and website asking about our practices. This is such an encouragement to us! It shows how much you care. We have reflected on a lot of things this week, with growth comes some fears about the unknowns. We are so excited to embrace whatever challenges lie ahead, but you can be confident that even as we grow, our principles and values will not change. We are committed to maintaining our high standards whether we raise 100 chickens or 100,000. We know there are a lot of new names on our email list and social media accounts. First, we want to say thank you! Welcome! We would also like to share a few things that we feel are fundamental to us here at Joe's Farm. One example would be the length of time our chicks are on pasture. While baby chicks need the protection of a brooder barn at first, they are not meant to stay in a barn. Our protocol is to have our birds on pasture for over 50% of their lives. All of our broilers are moved to pasture when they are 3 weeks old. Another important part of our process in raising broilers, is the feed they eat. We have both non-GMO feed for our broilers and corn-free soy-free Organic. Another part of our process is DAILY movement! Each coop is hooked up to our tractor and moved until there is fresh grass under the entire coop. This gives them not only feed and water, but fresh vegetation, worms, and bugs along with sunlight and fresh air. Members of our team walk along while we move the coops helping the birds move along and looking for any potential issues. These are just a few examples of what care goes into the food we bring to your table. If you want to follow along with us this season, make sure to check out our Facebook and Instagram links. We will also share here on our Farm Newsletter. In closing, we want to share just how grateful we are to each one of you. The support shown by not only our amazing local community, but also all over the country. It is so incredible and humbling to be able spend our days caring for the land and the animals who use it. ~ The Joe’s Farm Team

We are Shipping Again

We are SHIPPING AGAIN!!Our Pasture-Raised Meats….Shipped to Your DoorLast summer, we made the difficult decision to pause our shipping program. Our Farm Store was growing rapidly (HUGE shout out to our amazing and supportive local community) and I (Danielle) was still getting myself settled into my new role here on Joe’s Farm. Now that we have gotten our systems in place and some new strategies (and training) under our belts, we are so excited to be relaunching our SHIPPING PROGRAM again! We want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has waited so patiently for us to begin shipping again. Some of you have been ordering from Joe since he first started offering shipping a couple years ago. We are grateful for your support and look forward to bringing you our pasture-raised meats once again. Quick details:We are finishing up making sure our inventory is accurate. Once everything is ready, our products will show up again on our website. Our first shipping day will be February 19th, 2024 (with orders closing the before Sunday at 11:59pm)If you are new to our farm, follow the “click to shop” button below and you can see if your zip code is in our shipping radius. If you haven’t already, you can also sign up and make an account through our website. We are running low on some of our products. If you don’t see something you are looking for, feel free to send us an email and we can add you to our “restock alert” email list!  COMING SOON:During our shipping break, we were able to spend some time coming up with new ideas for how to streamline our processes for ourselves as well as our customers. One of those ways is through a new program; Joe’s Farm Club subscription boxes! While we will still offer our ala carte shopping option, we are excited to be able to send our carefully curated farm boxes to your door with just the click of a button! No more needing to remember to place an order, we will take down your preferences and have a box ready to go for you every month! We also will offer our Joe’s Farm Club members early access to new products as well as knowing you will get all the premium cuts even when our stock runs low. For more details on our subscription boxes, keep reading below! Again, thank you to our customers (both local and all over the country), for your continued support. Here at Joe’s Farm, we love getting to help bring our quality meats to your family table.   ~~~~ Danielle

Farm Store

Our farm store just got a major restock! Grilling season is right around the corner and we have a variety of cuts available. Our featured steaks include porterhouse, sizzlers, t-bone and delmonicos. We also have our summer sausages and snacking sticks.  An exciting change is happening in our farm store. We will soon be accepting credit cards through a self service point of sale system! We currently accept Venmo, cash and check but we know that sometimes a credit card is a more convenient option. Make sure to watch for a future email (as well as on our social media) for information but it should be ready to use by this weekend! We hope this makes our shopping experience even better for our local customers!