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Just look at their feet

May 3, 2022

At first, you might just see a chicken enjoying its day out on pasture. But if you look closely, you will notice how clean their feet are. This may not sound exciting or unique, but since we move our chickens to fresh pasture every day, they aren't sitting in their own waste and their feet stay clean! Most commercial farms can't keep and sell their chicken feet. This is because their chickens get burns on their feet from sitting in those own waste all day and never being moved off of it. What a sad thought. This is just one of the many reasons pasture raising our chickens and turkeys is so important to Joe's Farm. We believe this is just a small example of how much heathier and happier our birds are compared to commercial farming. Next time you are out at Joe's Farm, or another local farmer, make sure you look for those clean chicken feet!

Joe Koopsen

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